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Field bag


Price: JPY 15,000 (plus tax)

Diamond Antenna Corporation has introduced a new field bag available from the beginning of October. The bag is an original design for portable operation, convenient for carrying antenna poles, small antennas, and other accessories.

Carrying on shoulder, easy to travel

The thread used to sew the bag is the same material that is used to sew paraglider sails and has excellent endurance. The bottom of the bag is also strengthened with a reinforced pad. The words “DIAMOND ANTENNA” are embroidered on the center of the bag. It enables easy carrying of bulky expandable poles and/or antennas. It is recommended for transporting items for portable operation.

There is a pocket for small accessories inside the bag.
Measurements (inside): 1600 × 140 × 140 mm

Expandable Pole

DAP450 (4.5m), DAP600 (6m)

Price: JPY 18,000 (plus tax) for DAP450
           JPY 34,000 (plus tax) for DAP600

Diamond Antenna Corporation will release the new DAP450 and DAP600 expandable antenna poles, available at the beginning of November. You can easily adjust the antenna height on the ground.

DAP450 and its supplied accessories

DAP600 and its supplied accessories

After reviewing the strength and balance of the standard AM series products, Diamond Antenna Corporation upgraded the DAP450 and DAP600 poles to reinforce their endurance against gusting winds. Small antennas, compact Yagi antennas, or video or digital cameras can be mounted on the poles. They are outstanding support poles for portable operation.


Antenna pole stand (tripod) designed for the DAP450 and DAP600 expandable poles


Price: JPY 27,500 (plus tax)

Specifically designed to support the newly released DAP450 and DAP600 expandable antenna poles, Diamond Antenna Corporation has also released the AS603 tripod. The antenna pole tripod will be available from the beginning of November.

By sliding the center part of AS603, you can easily adjust the height, and then to set it to the final height with the ring at the base. The tripod is designed to have even better stability than the previous AS600 model. Combined with the DAP450 or DAP600, the AS603 will be an excellent addition for your portable operation.

Example of outdoor use (antenna pole is sold separately)


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