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JARL Ham Fair 2023 was held on August 19th and 20th

Japan's largest amateur radio event, "JARL Ham Fair 2023," was held at the Tokyo Big Sight international exhibition hall for two days on August 19 and 20, 2023.

This year's catchphrase was "Let's go to the New Era of Amateur Radio!" The event was held to promote what amateur radio is all about through events during the period, such as hands-on operations for beginners and its use for public service activities.

Last year, while the COVID-19 pandemic continued, the total number of visitors to Ham Fair was 35,000, with 25,000 on the first day and 10,000 on the second day, according to the official Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) data. However, this year, after the disease was reduced from a category 2 infectious disease to a category 5 infectious disease, 31,000 visitors came on the first day and 12,000 on the second day. The total of 43,000 visitors over the two days was the same size as in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

The opening ceremony was attended by The Japan Amateur Industrial Association (JAIA) President Kenichi Kojiyama, JH3SED, The Japan Amateur Radio Development Association (JARD) President Tetsuya Miki, JA1CIN. The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) President Tim Ellam, VE6SH, Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL) President Choi Hyeong Moon, HL4CFN, and representatives from 15 wireless federations as guests from Japan and other countries.

Guests from home and abroad

President of JARL, Koji Morita, JA5SUD, gave a speech, introduced the guests of honor and congratulatory telegrams, and then cut the ribbon to open the event.

The president of JARL, Koji Morita, JA5SUD, gave a speech, introduced the guests of honor and congratulatory telegrams, and then cut the ribbon to open the event.

Left: Visitors waiting for the doors to open. Right: After the doors opened, the venue was quickly filled with visitors.

After the doors opened, the line of visitors began to form one by one, and the venue was soon filled to capacity and bustling with people, who were visiting the various booths in search of the products they wanted to buy.


At the event corner set up in the center of the venue, organizers presented six programs on the first day and five on the second day.

The catchphrase for this year's event was "Let's go to the New Era of Amateur Radio." There were programs for beginners and young generation people, such as "Introduction and Examples of the Experimental Operation System," "Talking about the New Era of Amateur Radio with the New JARL president," and amateur radio sessions conducted by the National Federation of High School Amateur Radio.

Left: Introduction of the hands-on operation system. Right: Talking about the New Era of Amateur Radio with the new JARL president. Hams from 3rd grade elementary school students to 3rd year university students gathered.

In the technology-related lecture, the staff of the Japan JAIA Technical Committee presented "Making a UHF digital radio using trendy tools!" and the BUD group (JE1BQE, JG1UNE, JF1DMQ) and JH1GNU presented "Small Antennas and Loop Radials."

Left: A lecture by the JAIA staff. Right: A lecture on Small Antennas and Loop Radials.

As for the award ceremony events, the first day of the event featured the commendation ceremony for the Homebrew Radio Project contest and the JARL All-Japan and All-World 10,000 station awards presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Telecommunications. The second day featured the Kanto UHF Contest commendation ceremony.

Left: Award ceremony for the Homebrew Radio Project contest. Right: Award ceremony for the Kanto UHF contest.

8J1HAM Special Anniversary Station

The 8J1HAM special anniversary station was set up at the event site and attracted a large number of visitors who wanted to operate it even before the event opened. Reservations were closed in no time at all. In addition, a quota for youth and female hams was set up. About 100 people operated the station over the two days.

Left: Many people operated at the 8J1HAM station. Right: Antennas were set up on the building roof.

JARL Booth

The JARL booth featured explanatory exhibits on electricity and radio waves, and a display of the award-winning works from the Homebrew Radio Project contest. A Newcomer Consultation Corner was also set up, where many novice hams and others came for consultation.

Left: Panoramic view of the JARL booth. Right: Display of electronic equipment by prize winners.

A booth was also set up to introduce the 8J1RL Antarctica Showa-Base Station. A presentation was titled "Antarctica! Meteorites, Ice, and 8J1RL," and iceberg ice, rocks, and meteorites collected in Antarctica were on display. Visitors could actually touch the ice and rocks. The meteorites were displayed in a case because they were valuable and were being exhibited for the first time.

Visitors were also able to talk directly with former Showa-Base personnel who had been assigned to the base and ask questions about the base and the exhibits.

Left: Many of the exhibits, such as meteorites and winter clothes, are not usually seen in public. Right: QSL cards of 8J1RL from previous years were also on display.

Left: Rocks and iceberg ice. Right: Meteorites on display for the first time.

JAIA booth area

JAIA has several member companies that supply products related to amateur radio. Each company exhibited their ingenious ideas in the JAIA booth area. The following is an introduction in order of the booth number.

Icom exhibited the IC-PW2 HF/50 MHz 1 kW linear amplifier, and the IC-905 144-5600 MHz (optional 10 GHz) transceiver. which began shipping just before the fair. While last year’s, visitors consulted with engineers and asked questions through robots, this year, engineers were stationed at the booth to talk directly with visitors and answer their questions. As a surprise announcement, a prototype IC-R15 handheld broadband receiver was on display.

The IC-905 is displayed on the left side of the booth and the IC-PW2 on the right.

The IC-PW2 was demonstrated in combination with an IC-7851 and SO2R with two IC-7610s. The IC-PW2 release date was not given, but a booth staff member explained that the design was in the final stages of development.

Display of the IC-PW2 in the Icom booth.

Left: The IC-PW2 with an IC-7851. Right: The IC-PW2 with two IC-7610s for SO2R operation.

In addition to the IC-905, which was launched in Japan just prior to the ham fair, a prototype 24 GHz transverter, parabolic antennas, and a proprietary Cavity BPF (for 10 GHz and 24 GHz) were also on display.

Left: Prototype display of 24 GHz transverters and parabolic antennas. Right: Display of the IC-905 and its peripherals.

Cavity BPF (for 10 GHz and 24 GHz) on display. Measurement data was also shown.

Another surprise announcement was the prototype display of the IC-R15, a handheld receiver with a reception range of 76-500 MHz and support for AM/NAM/FM/NFM/WFM.

Surprise announcement of the IC-R15.

・JVCKENWOOD Corporation
JVCKENWOOD exhibited their TS-990 TRIO logo marked model HF/50 MHz band transceiver, as well the TH-D75 144/430 MHz dual band transceiver, which was announced at the Dayton Hamvention held in the May 2023. They also set up a small van in the booth to resemble an outdoor operation.


The limited-edition TS-990 TRIO model was announced for sale by lottery at JVCKENWOOD stores in Japan in a limited number of three units. According to a staff member, the application process began on 8th August, and the number of applications has far exceeded expectations.

TS-990 TRIO model, screen display at startup.

The TH-D75 was announced at this year's Dayton Hamvention in the U.S., and was also on display at the ham fair, albeit it was a non-working prototype model.

Talking Amateur Radio with Masaco/JH1CBX and virtual characters at the JVCKENWOOD booth.

The AZR-5002 144 MHz band 500 W linear amplifier and the AZT-1000 antenna tuner were on display.

HF-50 MHz 1kW linear amplifier AZR-1000 and antenna tuners on display.

The AZR-5002 144 MHz band 500 W linear amplifier is capable of 500 W output with a single FET and supports CW/SSB/FM/FSK/PSK. A staff member said that although a prototype model was displayed, it is scheduled to be released at the end of 2023.

AZR-5002, 144 MHz 500 W linear amplifier and features, specifications.

The AZT-1000 Automatic Antenna Tuner is an automatic tuner for HF through 50 MHz. A built-in antenna analyzer allows matching of this unit to the antenna without connecting a radio. It can also be linked with the AZR-1000 linear amplifier. The unit shown was also a prototype model.

AZT-1000 and its features and specifications.

In addition to whip antennas for the 144 MHz and 430 MHz bands, Yagi antennas and aluminum elements for antenna tuners, CPATU and ATE350 were also exhibited.

Diamond Antenna booth.

Two types of antenna for outdoor-mounted antenna tuners were exhibited: The CPATU is a 4.6 m-long aluminum antenna with three trap coils in the middle. It covers frequencies from 3.5 to 50 MHz and has a 200 W (SSB) input rating. The company plans to release the product, but the timing has not yet been determined.

The other type for antenna tuners is the previously marketed as the ATE350, a 6.5 m long aluminum element without a trap coil. This was also prototype since it is not a current product. Both models were connected to Icom AH-730 and AH-705 ATUs and displayed as if they were actually installed.

Left: CPATU (to be released in the future). Right: ATE350 (prototype model)

Four types of whip antennas were on display.

The first is a 1.9 MHz band option to be added to the SD330 screwdriver antenna. The model’s name has not yet been decided. The overall length is approximately 2 meters when combined with the SD330, and the input rating is 200 W (SSB).

The second is the HF217, (tentative name) a 7/21 MHz dual-band antenna with an overall length of approximately 1.67 meters.

The third is the CR627S, (tentative name) a 50 (FM)/144/430 MHz band mobile antenna with an overall length of approximately 1.4 meters. It is an updated version of the CR627 that was once sold.

The forth is the EL2E, (tentative name) an updated version of the EL2E, which was sold about 30 years ago. The EL2ER is a 7/8λ whip antenna, while 5/8λ whip antennas are currently the mainstream.

All of these four types of whip antennas are still under development, and their models and specifications are subject to change.

From left to right: 1.9 MHz coil for SD330, HF217, CR627S, EL2ER.

The DJ-X100 digital multi-mode receiver, released in mid-April of this year, and 144/430 MHz FM mobile and handy equipment were exhibited. The DR-DPM62W, a 351 MHz band digital simplex radio was also on display.

ALINCO booth

Not only radio equipment, but also the company's power supplies, were on display.

The DR-DPM62W is capable of communicating using the "Air-InCom." application software, and digital simplex radio operation on the 82 newly allocated channels.

The DR-DPM62W has three call modes.
(1) Digital Convenience Radio direct calls
(2) Calls between application radio users (LTE to 5G)
(3) Gateway calls between Digital Convenience Radio and App Radio (direct wave + LTE to 5G)

In areas where direct signals are received, the system operates as a simple digital radio, In areas outside of direct wave coverage, it can be used as an application radio using a smartphone paired to the unit with Bluetooth. Both ways can be used to make calls by pushing the PTT on the radio's hand microphone.

Left: 351MHz band digital simple radio DR-DPM62W. Right: The application radio using the “Air-InCom.” software.

General Exhibits

The Club booth area had a total of 145 booths, including 86 general exhibition and sales booths and 59 other exhibition and presentation booths, a slight increase over last year's 137 booths. In the general exhibition booths, there were booths selling kits and booths selling parts and junk items, where people lined up immediately after the start of the event, Booths selling parts and junk items were very crowded with people looking for bargains. There were many displays of elaborate productions and activities. This year, the booths were spaced widely apart to allow for exhibits and sales of goods, but at busy times, the aisles were filled with people, making it difficult to pass through the booths.

General booths on the first day

The monthly FB NEWS also participated in the exhibition. The "Twitter & Facebook New Followers Campaign" and "Communication Experience Corner" were held as booth events, all of which were well-received. CDs by Masaco, JH1CBX, a singer and songwriter were also on sale. Since this was her first international event after COVID-19, she autographed CDs purchased by visitors all over the world.

As a member of JL3ZGL (FB Girls Radio Club), Masaco operated 430 MHz FM at the monthly FB NEWS booth at the event.

The opening ceremony and some of the event areas were broadcast live on YouTube. An archive is also available, so those who missed it can watch it there. However, the video is in Japanese, and is not translated into English.

Click here at YouTube Ham Fair channel
Presented by the Ham Fair Executive Committee YouTube Ham Fair Channel.

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