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Antenna Technology Inc. releases WA72128 HF multiband dipole antenna

HF multiband dipole antenna

WA72128 (Antenna Technology Inc.)

Price: JPY 8,800 (plus tax)

Antenna Technology Inc. will release the WA72128 multiband dipole antenna in October 2020. Mini traps are used in this 7MHz/21MHz/28MHz band antenna.

WA72128 comes completely assembled, so you can easily install it with the supplied rope. The antenna is designed for 12 W input power, uses compact traps, and the total weight of approximately 0.5 kg enables convenient transportation and easy installation.


■Frequency: 7 MHz / 21 MHz / 28 MHz
■Max. input power: 12 W
■Impedance: 50Ω
■VSWR: Less than 2.0 (VSWR may vary, depending on the ground condition)
■Length: 15.5 m / 51 ft (approximate)
■Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb (approximate)
■Supplied Accessory: Installation rope (Cremona rope) (10 m / 33 ft)
■Input Connector (balun): SO-239

Antenna Technology Inc. (Japanese)

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