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Invitation to the YL event OL88YL
Sunday, 4th August 2024 (day of arrival) to Saturday, 10th August 2024 (day of departure)

Eva Thiemann, HB9FPM

Dear YLs

We are pleased to inform you about the next YL event in the Czech Republic. We will be able to use the first-class OK5Z contest station for 7 days. The station is located near Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The 3* hotel in Náměšť nad Oslavou is only a few kilometres by car from the radio station. Ideally, transport to the contest station and back to the hotel should be by your car or via carsharing together with the other participants.

The hotel costs for one person/per night, including breakfast, are around CZK 1,200 (= ~ EUR 48,11). Other hotels are also available in the neighbourhood if a different category is required. There is the individual possibility to take part in the event for one, several days or the whole week. OM as a companion is of course very welcome.

Our activities will be accompanied by a professional video cameraman and photographer and recorded on modern data carriers.

In addition to the pure radio activities (a maximum of five YLs can operate simultaneously on different bands/modes), we have also planned workshops for the first time:

  • ・ How do I set up a station for digi-modes (e.g. RTTY) and how do I operate in an RTTY contest?
  • ・ How do I operate the Fox/Hound mode (FT8) in DXpedition traffic? Specialities?
  • ・ We will build a 20m dipole together that every YL can take home with them
  • ・ How do I solder an N/PL-connector to a coaxial cable?

The hosts will also give us selected presentations of their DXpeditions to Africa. SOTA (summits on the air), flora and fauna (OKFF) activations will round off the varied programme. We assume that there will be something for everyone.

We will provide sporadic updates on the further development of the event in suitable media such as the USKA website, Facebook, Instagram and QRZ.

I will gladly accept registrations at (Eva Thiemann, HB9FPM/OK3QE). I am also available to answer any questions you may have.

A small selection from the stunning antenna set-up:
・6el-15m, at 22m height
・3el-40m, at 26m height
・5el-10m, at 29m height
・Ultrabeam for WARC bands, at 25m height
・27m vertical antenna for 160m
・Half Q for 80m + inverted V
・8x Beverage antennas for reception of the lower bands

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