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Report from Thailand

Thailand Amateur Radio Day 2019

Writer: HS1EFA, Pakorn Watanachaturporn

The Office of the National Broadcast and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is the regulator of Thailand. The NBTC has recognized importance of Amateur Radio and has supported an exhibition, called the Thailand Amateur Radio Day, for the last five years. Every year the NBTC has approved a special event callsign for the event. In 2019, the callsign HS19NBTC has been approved for all communication modes during the period of 12th to 18th of December 2019 including satellite communication and SSTV. The exhibition and open-air radio activities were on the 14th of December 2019 at the office of NBTC and were open for all amateur radio and public interests. The Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King as well as other provincial radio amateur societies attended the event with several booths and exhibits. RAST operated on HF and VHF stations during the event with the HS19NBTC callsign.

RAST members set up antennas and prepared rigs for VHF/HF stations.

One issue that NBTC has paid attention and promoted is variation communication modes beyond phone. For this year, the theme of the event was on the Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) amateur radio communication. The NBTC was glad that Mr. Alex Artieda HS0ZOP (HB9DRI, ZS6EME) joined the event and delivered a statement of the EME communication. The historic and technology challenge captured interest of audients. The NBTC has invited Mr. Artieda to demonstrate the EME communication to the authorities and amateur radios in next few months.

Mr. Alex Artieda HS0ZOP (HB9DRI, ZS6EME) presented history and challenge of Earth-Moon-Earth communication

Receiving speedy CW contest was another highlight of the events. The CW receiving contest promoted new generation of Thai Ham to learn classic mode of communication and to be eager to work on HF bands. The contests were classified into three levels; 10, 20, and 30 WPM. Contesters are teenagers, youths, and seniors. Winners were awarded with a certificate and a high-end Bluetooth speaker.

CW receiving contest during the exhibition.

One thing that always present in a ham fair is exhibiting ham projects. Many QRP rigs were displayed at the event. One interesting project was 3.5 m emergency beacons developed by Nuk HS7BHK. The beacons were integrated with a GPS module and broadcasted “SOS” and GPS location with 8 WPM Morse code when activated. Nimit (HS1IFU, K6XOX) brought four of his projects including APRS weather stations, a mine-sweeper robot integrated with ARPS and video broadcasting, and a compact emergency APRS box. The awarded winner project went to Colt (E23NEZ) along with his colleague, Nikon (HS5NMF) and Dan (HS0KRM) for all band portable antenna set. The antenna set could be raised up to 16 m high and be ready within thirty minutes. The antenna set were for 40 m/20 m/15 m/10 m/2 m/70 cm/23 cm bands. Lighting, DC high capacity power, and AC power generators were included in the set. Others on display were an emergency radio backpack, a satellite antenna array, portable radio phone booth.

Individuals, regional societies, and club stations exhibited their rigs, ham projects, and their innovation during the event.

The event ended in the evening. A Deputy Secretary-General of Telecommunication of the Office of the NBTC, Mr.Korkit Danchaivichit, closed the event with an inspiring speech. “… We (NBTC) have duty to inspire and give hope to our new generations… One day, our youths will able to establish an Earth-Moon-Earth communication by their own …”

Mr. Korkit Danchaivichit, a Deputy Secretary-General of Telecommunication of the Office of the NBTC, delivered a closing speech of the event.

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