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Report from Thailand

Celebrating 400th anniversary of trade relationship between Denmark & Thailand, etc.

Champ C. Muangamphun, E21EIC

The two special event callsigns to celebrate the 400th anniversary of trade relationship between DENMARK & THAILAND, OZ4ØØHS and HS4ØØOZ, hosted by Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører (EDR) and Radio Amateur Society of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King (RAST), together with The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce (DTCC) and Embassy of Denmark, will be active between September 1 and October 31, 2021 on all bands.

The trade relationship between DENMARK & THAILAND dated back to the earliest registered Danish visit to Siam in 1621, when a Danish ship docked at the port of Mergui in Tenasserim which at that time was part of Siam. The captain and his crew were allowed to trade and a part of the letter of agreement written by Okya Chaiyathibodi, regent of Tenasserim, which reads:

“Tenasserim has given foreign traders permission to buy and sell goods as well as to carry out commercial activities here. The city also allows travel as far as the kingdom of Ayutthaya, where the court of Ayutthaya helps with all kinds of business, run by foreigners. I wish to establish a close relationship with the King of Denmark through Tenasserim, and we are ready to do everything to strengthen the relationship between our two nations”

This event marks the beginning of the good relationship between DENMARK & THAILAND.

In addition, we will be presenting a diploma to HAMs who have gathered two-way contacts and SWL reports with the two special event stations, OZ4ØØHS and HS4ØØOZ, as well as stations within the two countries, under the following criteria:

  • Each contact with different radio amateurs in the two countries, on different bands and with different modes = 1 point
  • Each contact with HS400OZ or OZ400HS, on different bands and with different modes = 10 points
  • There must be a minimum of one contact with both an HS and an OZ station as well as with OZ400HS or HS400OZ Special Event Stations.
  • Example: Contact with HS400OZ at 20m CW (10), with OZ1FJB at 20m SSB (1), with HS1FVL at 20m CW (1), as well as with OZ400HS at 40m CW (10) gives you 22 points.

The DENMARK & THAILAND diplomas are awarded as follows: BRONZE = 30 points, SILVER = 60 points, GOLD = 120 points. Special prizes will be given to the (1) Thai and Denmark station that gets the most points (2) radio amateur outside HS and OZ with the highest number of points. Please submit your log to our award manager:

OZ4ØØHS logs will be uploaded to Club Log, LoTW and eQSL, and the QSL cards can be requested via OQRS. HS4ØØOZ logs will be uploaded to Club Log and LoTW, and QSL cards for all QSOs will be sent via Bureau. An online logbook for HS4ØØOZ can be checked at

HS18IARU now active on all bands to promote upcoming IARU R3 conference

A special callsign, HS18IARU, issued by Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to promote the upcoming 18th IARU Region 3 Conference that will be hosted online by RAST in September, is now active on all amateur radio bands. The callsign will remain active until September 30, 2021.

The upcoming International Amateur Radio Union Region 3 Conference which will take place on September 20-23 will be the first virtual IARU conference and RAST will host the event online for the safety and convenience of all participants.

The virtual IARU Region 3 Conference will have a wide range of remote speakers and will be conducted under the leadership of RAST President Dr. Jack Hantongkom, HS1FVL who is also an IARU Region 3 director.

For stations that make contact with HS18IARU, QSL cards will be sent for all QSOs via Bureau and uploaded to LoTW and Club Log. Respondents living overseas should include funds to cover return postage for a direct card and QSL cards will be delivered in November 2021.

An online logbook can be checked at

RAST hopes that all members stay safe and remain in good health and that the society will be able to host another public meeting again soon once the pandemic has subsided.


For the 12th episode of RAST Talks, we welcomed Pol.Col. Sonthaya Phanthanyakij, HS6NDK (ex: XW1N), on August 2, 2021 for his talk titled “Police Communication Technology” which covered the use of HF, VHF and UHF bands in various modes including digital ones such as DMR, NXDN, IDAS and Trunk LTE.

RAST CW Challenge – Results for July 2021

RAST would like to congratulate the winner of RAST CW Challenge in the Novice category (at 5-8 WPM), Mr Suphon Thanathiwat, E25HWI who scored 154/160 in total. He will receive a RAST Limited Edition Begali Paddle Key from Italy.

A special endeavour award goes to Mrs. Kochawan Nakchum, E25KFR, who showed the biggest improvement during the competition. She will receive a Mini Paddle Key that has been handmade by Mr.Khunpong Sorsomboon, E20UXA in Thailand. <>

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